Wyser Solutions have access to all of the financial market and work with 150 specialist lenders and mainstream banks. Therefore, if your business is entitled to get a loan, We will direct you with the most approved lender, even if you have been already denied a business loan through a major bank or lender

Unsecured Business Finance: An unsecured business loan is given based solely on the business‘ creditworthiness rather than on a type of collateral (such as property, your business or any of the business‘ assets). Through our lenders we are able to offer your business an unsecured loan up to £500,000, depending on the company’s turnover.

Secure Business loan: A secured business loan is given against an asset. The creditor (the company that provides the loan) will take the asset as collateral for the loan. Through our lenders, we are able to offer your business secured business loans for up to £10m at market competitive rates.

Merchant Cash advance: This is a flexible finance solution allowing payments to be based upon card transactions. Loans can be offered up to 100% of monthly card turnover.

On a continuous level, around the U.K., a large pool of SMEs, especially smaller companies are finding it increasingly difficult to discover a stream of financial aid to support their company’s demands and difficulties. Well, according to the former business secretary Vince cable speaking at the 2014 AltFi summit, around 40% of businesses that apply for bank finance are turned down and give up their search for funding. Consequently, finding it difficult to sustain their current business activities or expand their business and ultimately become bigger.  So where do businesses which get rejected for financial loans and support go to receive the financial capital they want?

How can Wyser solutions help?

Simply, by not relying on a handful of lenders and banks we at wyser solutions search a vast array of over 150 lenders and mainstream banks across the U.K. to find our customers, if possible, the most suitable and fitting financial funding. At wyser, we understand that not every business out there is in the same financial circumstance, therefore, using a very consultative approach not only do we help in providing you with the financial aid you require but we give you the most suitable advice on how we think you as a company would grow and fully utilize your resources.

Who do we collaborate with?

Finding the right person to do a particular job isn’t always easy and companies can search endlessly for multiple resources to help their business grow. At Wyser, we collaborate with a large database of companies across the U.K. that specialize in different segments of growing a business’s future. by working closely with these companies, we can provide our customers with the most suitable connection needed to solve a problem or to grow a certain aspect of a business. If a solution is needed, we can help solve it.

Through us, our customers have used business loans for:

  • Growing their business/ expansion
  • Boosting their working capital
  • Buying equipment/assets
  • Developing a property or project
  • Growing their labour force and productivity