• Who are Wyser solutions?

Wyser solutions is a consultancy based company that assist SME’s around the U.K. with their businesses needs and requirements. By understanding and listening to the customers through our highly-trained staff of consultant’s we can provide the most suitable solution to your current businesses demands. Consultants at Wyser can help in a variety of aspects from business finance which is our core focus to sales direction/ productivity and marketing.

  • Why use Wyser solutions?

The answer is in our name. We are a group of solution orientated consultants that support small to medium sized companies to help clients take their business in the right direction. By fully comprehending the needs of our customers we can consult and advise them on the most suitable answer to their business difficulty or issue. For instance, by obtaining and comparing more than 150 different lenders and mainstream banks across different markets we can provide our customers with the most suitable and appropriate business finance to help boost them.

  • How did Wyser solutions start its journey?

Wyser solutions began in the last months of 2016 where a group of entrepreneurs with a background of sales, marketing and finance decided to come together and establish themselves in the market with the sole purpose of consulting small to medium sized companies. With a blend of experience in sales, marketing and finance and having been well networked across many industries, we at Wyser believed that it has provided the perfect platform to help other entrepreneurs strive for their own business success.

  • Why is Wyser so different to banks?

Unlike banks that reject many or have too specifically strict criteria that their clients must obtain in order to get a business loan, wyser solutions have the ability to not only compare the mainstream banks on their criteria but have scope of over 150 different lenders, which in turn immediately increases the client’s chance of obtaining a suitable business loan.

Furthermore, Wyser solutions care a great deal for the customer’s needs and future success of their business, therefore consultants at Wyser tailor and advise a customer based on their demands what would be the most suitable business finance for their businesses long term benefit.

  • Is there someone available to speak to?

We have our staff working around the cloak and are fully available to attend our customer’s needs weather in or out of normal working hours. Our office and mainline number is open 8am-6pm Monday to Friday, and where nobody is available during the weekend at the office we have diverted every phone call to several of our top consultant’s business mobile number.

Applying at Wyser solutions

How it all works

  • How do I apply?

It’s very simple, either send us an email with your query at info@wysersolutions.com or most preferably speak to one of our consultants over the phone at 0207 1755 015

  • What are the next steps?

It’s very simple, firstly, upon speaking to one our consultants, their job would be to ask you further questions about your businesses needs and requirements and reasoning behind the application for the business loan.

Upon gathering this information, the consultant would forward the customer an email with a list of the necessary information and documentation that we would require in order to qualify the customer as legible to apply for a business loan. (If possible, the consultant will try to get as much required information over the phone to speed up the process.)

Then, after all the documentation and information is gathered, we at wyser will get to work on the back-end side comparing the vast scope of lenders we have at our disposal to needs and demands of the customer. After we select a suitable lender, the customer will be contacted directly by the lender to complete the terms and agree to a commitment. (The same consultant from Wyser solutions will send the client a text to confirm a timing and date in which the lender would call, if the date is not suitable then just let one of our staff know.)

  • How long does the process normally take?

As soon as we obtain all the necessary information and documentation explained via email, our consultants will immediately turn around and lease with a variety of lenders so that we can analyse and compare what would be the most suitable business finance for the customers’ demands. Upon agreement of the loan with the customer, the business loan should be in the funds of the customer within 24-48 hours.

  • What can you consult for?

Although at Wyser our focus in on helping customers get business finance for the future success of their company, we also consult in other acres that will help strive a company forward. Examples are sales, marketing, finance, accounting.

For more on what we consult on just call us on 0207 175 5015

  • I’ve tried to apply for a business loan but keep getting rejected, why is Wyser solutions different

Refer to the business finance section on the services part of our website: https://www.wysersolutions.com/services/business-finance/