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  • Wyser Solutions is a business finance brokerage that has its headquarters in the City of London. We work with hundreds of industry professionals to provide the very best in service and products to businesses. In today's world, every business needs an unbiased, personalised evaluation of its financial position. We take a deep view in business metrics such as accounting forecasts, business infrastructure and technological innovation to ensure your finance solutions are met. With this in mind, we personally take into consideration several factors that ensure we pair you with the best provider for long-term business efficiency and growth to your business. With the vast amount of lenders and products available to businesses, Wyser Solutions was created to provide an efficient portal for suitable business lending options under one banner as a one-stop solution for businesses and finance professionals alike. Your credit score is important to us. Wyser Solutions ensures your credit score is never unnecessarily affected. Our underwriters perform their own due diligence in confirming a loan provider’s criteria is met before introducing the accounts to a loan provider. This allows your business to compare what is available to you without causing harm to your credit score, unlike many of our competitors. We have the whole of market access to over 100+ specialist lenders and mainstream banks and therefore if your business can get a loan, we will find out for you, regardless if you have been already denied a business loan through a major bank or lender.